Which water dispenser is right for my business?

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Whether you run a gym or a school, an office or warehouse, canteen or corporate space, hydration is an essential part of any organisation. Encouraging staff, students, or customers to keep hydrated is an excellent way to improve wellbeing across any industry, and water dispensers can be the key to doing this.

If you’re looking for a water dispenser but don’t know where to start, then keep reading as we guide you through the key things to consider when picking a dispenser and the types available for different organisational needs.

Things to consider when choosing a water dispenser

Here are the key things to think about when choosing a water dispenser for your organisation.

1. What is the purpose of your water dispenser?

It’s first important to think about why you need a dispenser.

Are you wanting to hydrate the masses? For example, at a school, factory, or gym? If so, then a water fountain might be the choice for you.

Or is it to provide great-tasting water and improve customer experience? Such as at a large office or corporate space? Then a mains fed water cooler could be the best solution here.

Or maybe you’re wanting to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy and disposable plastic consumption? In which case a water boiler or bottle filler might be a good choice.

The purpose of the dispenser and your business needs will influence the type of unit you choose, the model, and its finishes.

More on this at the end.

2. How many people will be using your water dispenser?

It’s also important to evaluate how many people you expect to use the dispenser.

Models vary in capacity. Water fountains and mains fed units tend to be more robust and can withstand heavy use, whereas smaller countertop or bottled water dispensers tend to be for lighter use.

3. Hygiene

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene is more important than ever for organisations. Whether your dispenser will be serving a lot or a few, you want to be reassured that cleanliness and hygiene are not compromised when hydrating your workforce, clientele, or students.

Fortunately, all water dispensers are assembled with hygiene in mind, ranging from simpler to more advanced solutions.

Many bottle fillers and water fountains are constructed in one piece without joints or crevices for ease of cleaning, and nozzles are lined with silver to reduce the chances of contamination.

Water coolers such as the Arctic Star 55 feature 24/7 self-sanitising system which halves the number of sanitising visits required, whereas hands-free units go the extra mile to ensure contact points with the units are minimal and the chances of spreading infections are low.

Hands free solutions come on most water dispensers, including fountains, coolers, and bottle fillers – and their features can range from simple foot-peddle mechanisms to more advanced infrared or weight-activated technologies for an enhanced experience.

Your business’ hygiene requirements and the volume of people you expect to be using your water dispenser will influence the type you choose.

4. Eco-friendliness

Another key factor to consider when choosing a water dispenser is eco-friendliness. Some dispensers require more resources than others when maintaining their water temperatures or supplying water.

Those that provide both hot and cold water can use more energy than those that provide only water from mains.

Bottled water dispensers require plastic bottles to supply water through which is less eco-friendly than bottle-free mains fed water coolers and fountains.

Units such as the 3300X mains fed water cooler actively conserve energy thanks to an eco-sensor which turns the unit off when not in use - reducing energy consumption by up to 40%.

Similarly, a water boiler is proven to be more eco-friendly than a kettle, keeping water hot so as not to require high energy boils every time. For more information, see our article on the benefits of water boilers.

5. Where will it go?

The type of space you have will impact the kind of dispenser you can have.

There are several things to ask when deciding on where you dispenser will go:

  • Is there a place to fit a dispenser where people can easily access it?

  • Does it have access to mains water supply?

  • Does it have access to a power supply?

  • Will it be indoor or outdoor?

The above questions can help guide your decision as to whether you opt for a mains fed or bottled unit, a wall mounted or free standing unit, or an indoor or outdoor model.

6. Installation & Maintenance

Some water dispenser installations can be more complicated than others, particularly if the location of the water cooler is a long distance away from the water supply so do bear that in mind when considering the timing of your installation.

At Cactus Water Systems, we can advise on the basis of photographs of the chosen location and water source, and can even come to site and complete a full site survey if required. For any concerns about the complexity of an installation do get in touch.

All water dispensers require regular cleaning to keep them in good condition. More thorough cleaning including filter change and sanitisation is required on a 6 monthly basis for a mains fed water cooler and boiler whereas a bottled water cooler requires a 3 monthly sanitisation.

These routines are essential to maintain the quality of the water dispensed and the hygiene of the machine which in the current climate is particularly important.

Cactus Water Systems provides a range of maintenance packages for all types of units that we sell so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of your appliance. For more information about our services see here.

Types of water dispensers for organisation requirements

If you’re still unsure which water unit is right for your business, below is our selection of water dispensers for different types of organisations.



Water boilers for canteen and corporate spaces

Canteen and corporate spaces often experience high footfall and need boiling water ready to serve quickly and consistently.

  1. Powerful high capacity & energy saving – CTSP 10

  2. Double taps for large capacity – CWS Calomax Eclipse - 10 litre



Water boilers for offices and school staff rooms

Offices and staff rooms are suited to slightly smaller capacity boilers but with the same high-quality finishes and consistent delivery of hot water.

  1. Compact & eco-friendly – Calomax Eclipse – 5 Litres



Water fountains for schools

Hydrating as many students as possible is a priority for schools, and so water fountains need to be durable, easy to clean, and high capacity.

  1. Wall mounted indoor & outdoor – BF 489

  2. Tough & hygienic wall mounted – WMDF 461

  3. Robust floor standing junior & adult height – DFBF 454 (Junior)

  4. Hands free & high-capacity floor standing – RFP 240



Mains fed water coolers for large offices, factories, and warehouses

These spaces require high-capacity units but can benefit from stylish finishes and enhanced features such as temperature variety for improved employee experience.

  1. Eco-friendly & temperature variety – Arctic Star 55 Mains Fed Water Cooler

  2. High-capacity multi-tap cooler – Niagara SL

  3. Stylish & elegant design – B3



Water bottle fillers for gyms and schools

Schools and gyms prioritise hydration of their students and customers, therefore requiring strong, easy-to-use dispensers with high capacity.

  1. Low maintenance & high volume – CWS Slimline/Slimline Plus

  2. Robust wall mounted indoor & outdoor – WMBF 463

  3. Low maintenance combination bottle filler & fountain – HT HydroBoost Combination BFS



Hands free water coolers for corporate spaces and offices

Since the pandemic, offices and corporate spaces are more conscious of ensuring their employees and visitors’ hygiene is prioritised. Hands free water coolers are a great way of sending a trust signal and reducing transmission of infections.

  1. Stylish & high-capacity with Bluetooth feature – b4.2

  2. Lower volume with stylish design - KaliX

  3. Elegant, compact & foot pedals – Arctic Chill 88CL



Hands free bottle fillers for schools and gyms

Schools and gyms can benefit from hands free bottle fillers to reduce contact points and the transmission of infections and require robust units with easy-to-use features.

  1. High capacity, antibacterial & eco-friendly - RFP 240

  2. Compact wall mounted filler with hands free sensor - HT HyrdoBoost Bottle Filling Station

  3. Easy to use foot pedal & sleek design - WFP9T



Final word

At Cactus Water Systems, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, reliable products to ensure your business stays healthy and hydrated no matter the requirements. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Which water dispenser is right for my business?