Save time, money, and energy with a water boiler

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Save time, money, and energy with a water boiler

Whether in a factory, corporate space, or construction site, the kettle is arguably one of the most used appliances in any workplace.

In fact, did you know the average British worker drinks around 34,000 cups of tea and coffee in their career? That’s an enormous 8,500,000ml of hot drinks over a 47-year career, or 8,500 kettle refills!

Multiply that figure by the number of workers on site and you have one overused kettle.

But what if we told you that the simple act of switching your tired kettle for a water boiler could benefit you and your business 3-fold?

Keep reading as we explain 3 reasons why a water boiler would make a great addition to any workspace.

Benefits of water boilers in the workplace

1. Save time

Picture this; you have a busy working day ahead with many meetings, but before you can consider tackling the never-ending list, you need a caffeine boost. You ask the rest of the team if they would like a drink, to which 6 respond – ‘me please!’.

In the kitchen you wait for the single site kettle to slowly come to a boil, but there’s not enough hot water for the whole order. 15 minutes and 3 laborious kettle refills later, you finally have enough water to squeeze out 6 cups, and your own now-espresso-sized coffee.

All of this only to realise you missed that all-important call while you were honing your barista skills.

We’ve all been there.

With a water boiler, you cut your brew-making time by two thirds at least. This is because a water boiler always has ready-to-serve hot water at the touch of a button. No lengthy waiting times like with a kettle, and 168 cups of hot water an hour which is great news to the designated site brew makers out there.

2. Save money

Time is money as the saying goes, and if your staff must wait around for a kettle to boil, that’s precious time and money being spent on waiting instead of reaping the benefits of a delicious hot drink.

Assuming a kettle is boiled around 10 times a day with a wait time of 5 minutes per use, £10.30 a day of a UK average salary is spent on waiting.

A year that is £2,602 thanks to slow, inefficient kettles. And that’s just one person, boiling one kettle in one team, consider other sites or branches of your business – the costs soon add up!

With a water boiler, hot water can be drawn instantly, and tea and coffee made in a matter of minutes if not seconds. No more important calls missed, and no more costly tea rounds.

Try this cost calculator to see how much kettle waiting times are costing your business.

3. Save energy

With ever-increasing energy bills and a climate crisis on our hands, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to reduce where they can.

On a busy site, a kettle can be boiled multiple times a day and requires re-boiling even if left for a mere 15 minutes which is highly inefficient.

Unlike a kettle, water boilers are efficiently designed to conserve energy with a well-insulated tank and clever energy-conserving mechanisms which keep hot water hot without having to re-boil every use.

A CWS Calomax Eclipse model, for example, will keep the water at a constant 96 – 97 degrees Celsius using the minimum amount of energy.

What types of water boilers can I choose from?

Water boiling systems come in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Below are the key options to choose from:

  • Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted water boilers are great for canteens or areas where counter space is limited. Simply pull the lever and release hot water into your cup.

  • Countertop

Countertop water boilers come in a range of sizes and styles and are perfect for corporate spaces with medium to high volumes. Their sleek design and large capacity will make a great impression on any avid hot drink fan.

  • Multifunction water cooler

It is worth mentioning that water coolers can also come with a hot water function. These are great for packet drinks where the beverage doesn’t need to infuse or for occasional use if on the go. A multifunction unit can be a great option to relieve traffic on your kettle to save time as well as providing options to workers when it comes to hydration.


Whether you want to save time, money, or energy, water boilers are an excellent addition to any workspace and can have fantastic benefits.

At Cactus Water Systems we are passionate about providing reliable products and keeping people hydrated. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your business.

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Save time, money, and energy with a water boiler