Staying Hydrated Whilst Working from Home

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In previous blogs we've talked about the importance of maintaining hydration. Now more than ever, during another national lockdown and more people working from home again, it really does make sense to drink the recommended 2 litres of water a day.

A Gallup poll showed over 60% of the population is dehydrated. Whilst we might be reaching for more flavoured drinks which often contain caffeine, sugar, or sweeteners, all of these have the opposite effect on our bodies to a simple glass of water. Alcohol and tea for example are diuretics, which make us produce more urine which results in the body losing more fluid than had we had the equivalent glass of water. There are some high-tech ways of helping - an app we featured in our January 2020 blog from Plant Nanny helps users develop a healthy drinking habit by combining water tracking and a game. Smart bottles can light up to help remember users to drink more water.

Person filling up their water bottle in a modern kitchen sink.

Here are five simple steps we could all take to ensure we keep hydrated whilst we're working from home.

2 Litres of water a day

Whilst we're all different and we need different amounts of water per day, it is generally accepted that we should aim for about 2 litres of water per day. As tempting as a fizzy drink or another cup of coffee may be, nothing is quite as good for us as a glass of water.

Keep your reusable bottle handy

It's a great habit to get into to have a reusable water bottle with you as you go through the day. Have it with you during your home workout, leave it on your desk - all good prompts to encourage you to drink more water during the day and to stay hydrated. It's also a great way of keeping track of how much you've had. And finally, make sure to wash the bottle periodically with warm soapy water.

Glass and Jug filled with strawberry water

Set an alarm

This may seem rather extreme but if you've got your head down and you're busy working or you're constantly moving from one zoom call to another, time can pass very quickly. Set an alarm, get up, stretch your legs, give your eyes a break from the screen and have a drink. At the same time refill your water bottle - our bodies are over 70% water, so they need to be kept topped up!

Try to avoid food and drinks that dehydrate

Some high sugar drinks and fatty salty food can dehydrate so do make sure you top up with water if you've eaten these. Try snacking on fresh fruit, while still containing natural sugars, they are a great alternative. At Cactus Water Systems we are great fans of some of the immune boosting ideas at Zinglicious - take a look at their Instagram account Zinglicious (@zing.licious)

Add natural flavourings

And if another glass of water is just too boring, consider adding natural flavourings. Some water bottles feature internal chambers for fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs and these can make drinking water more enjoyable. You could always try making and adding fruit flavoured ice cubes to your water – take a look at our fun recipe and guide.

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Person filling up their water bottle in a modern kitchen sink.