Drinking 2 Litres of Water a Day – great in principle but…

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How many of us, hand on heart, can say we drink the recommended 2 litres of water per day? A Gallup poll showed that over 60% of the population is dehydrated. It seems gimmicky water bottles with motivational statements are failing to make us drink more.

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Instead many of us turn to flavoured drinks which, often contain caffeine, sugar, sweeteners or alcohol - all of which have the opposite effect on our bodies to a simple glass of H2O. Alcohol and tea are diuretics – which means they make our kidneys produce more urine, which results in the body losing proportionately more fluid than it would from a glass of water.

It’s recommended we drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water (about 2 litres) because on average, this is what the body loses per day; to sweat, the moisture on our breath and internal body functions.

Drinking water is important to our health because it…

Removes toxins

Our bodies use water to flush away harmful toxins. If we are dehydrated, it can become harder for the body to remove toxins and can result in health problems such as kidney stones.

Improves concentration

Our brains are 73% water. Even mild dehydration (fluid loss of 1 – 3%) can cause a decline in brain performance, leading to a lack of concentration, headaches and tiredness. 

Keeps Skin Looking Great

Skin is an organ, and water is essential to maintaining good organ function. Without sufficient hydration, skin can become dry. Dry skin is less supple and prone to ageing. 

Aides Digestion

Our bodies use water to digest the food we consume and to absorb the nutrients extracted from what we eat. 

Drinking more water helps us stay energised and alert. It can also help control our weight by helping our digestive system work more efficiently. This means our metabolism is working at its best. Water also moisturises the skin from within and helps flush out toxins – leading some experts to believe it can reduce the risks of infections and other illness.

Drinking More Water

If you are trying to ditch the fizzy drinks, reduce your caffeine intake or cut out the booze, what are your options? There is a growing trend towards water infusions – adding fruit, herbs, vegetables and spices to a simple glass of cold or hot water.

When discussing this at home, it caught the imagination of my 10 year old, who came up with the idea of making Fruity Ice Cubes. 

Fruity Ice Cubes Recipe

Fruity ice cubes are a healthier and easier alternative to squash. They can be made in minutes and, by making them yourself – you are in control of exactly what you are drinking. The following recipe can be modified to include whatever type of fruit or flavourings you want to add to your glass of water.

You’ll need:

  • An Ice cube tray
  • Water
  • Fruit (such as strawberries, kiwis, mangos)


  1. Cut up the fruit you have chosen – make sure the fruit is small enough to fit into your ice cube tray
  2. Add the fruit to the tray – try combining different flavours and colours, to add interest
  3. Fill the tray with water, and freeze
  4. Once frozen, add the flavoured ice cubes to your next glass of water. As the ice cubes melt, they will flavour the water.

Bottled – or mains water?

In the UK, we’re fortunate that the quality of our mains water supply is among the best in the world. There is not really a health need to buy bottled water. Our Point of Use water coolers can chill your drinking water and, with an additional light filtering process, will make mains water taste top quality. And, if you prefer a little flavour in your water, there are always fruity ice cubes!

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