Gym Hygiene: Commercial Benefits of Hands-Free Water Fountains

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Gym Hygiene: Commercial Benefits of Hands-Free Water Fountains

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how easily germs can spread and how quickly industries can be impacted as a result. With health and hygiene now being a priority for many, the onus is on gyms and sports & leisure facilities to continue to heighten their hygiene standards.

Pre-Covid, only 5% of people stated poor gym hygiene and cleanliness as the main reason for not attending, but since the pandemic, 72% of gym goers have expressed plans to cancel their memberships due to hygiene anxieties.

In this article, we discuss ways a customers’ confidence in a gym or leisure facility can be improved and the numerous benefits a hands-free water fountain can bring to a business.

Shocking gym hygiene statistics

First of all, fears over hygiene in gyms are not unfounded - did you know that 1 in 8 of Brits use the same cloth to wipe their face & gym equipment?

Did you also know that 40% of gym goers don’t clean their water bottles regularly and a staggering 10% of brits don’t wash their gym clothes, at all?

Not only this, but gyms and leisure facilities are prime places for bacteria to grow due to their humid and often warm conditions. As a result, hygiene should be considered paramount to customer satisfaction.

Improving gym and leisure centre cleanliness

The ‘classic’ gym hygiene precautions include:

  • encouraging users to wipe down equipment after use

  • requiring users to bring a towel

  • requiring showering before entering the pool

  • having staff regularly disinfect machines and other equipment like dumbbells

Additionally a great way of instilling confidence in your clients is to implement technologies that help to reduce contact points, and a hands-free water system is a great way to do this.

Commercial benefits of a hands-free water fountains

1. Hygienic

Hands free water systems such as bottle filling stations or water coolers are an excellent way to send a trust signal to gym goers that you prioritise their safety and hygiene. Hands free systems remove contact points that could increase chances of passing on infections, by working via a sensor, app, or foot pedal to enable users to hydrate without having to touch the equipment unnecessarily.

As we have learnt throughout the pandemic, limiting contact points – whether it’s isolating, reducing social groups or washing our hands - works well to reduce the spread of the virus – and so this is an excellent solution to an ongoing problem.

Cactus Water Systems supplies a variety of contactless water solutions that are suitable for any gym or leisure environment.

2. Easy to clean

Hands-free systems are also designed to be cleaned easily. Made with minimal connection points, smooth wipeable surfaces and removable panels for filter exchanges and servicing, hands free systems are created with hygiene and functionality in mind.

3. Good for the planet and the purse

Not only are hands free units competitively priced against standard units, they can be fitted with low-energy consumption systems and they reduce the cost to the user and to the planet of purchasing single-use water bottles. This results in lower energy bills, less environmental impact and removes the need for expensive water vending machines.

4. Great-tasting water for great hydration

Lastly, hands free water systems provide great tasting water. Available with internal filters to remove particulates and odours, hands free units provide excellent, refreshingly cold water every time – and the more hydrated your customers are, the better their workouts.


Hands free systems have a critical role to play in the future of water provision. They not only protect people from unnecessary and risky contact points, but they benefit businesses both economically and environmentally.

If you’re looking for a handsfree water system, Cactus Water Systems would be delighted to help you decide which solution is right for you.

Contact us to learn more.

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