CWS Arctic Star 55 Bottle Fed Water Cooler

A mid-range bottle water cooler which offers excellent features including a Booster button to raise the hot water temperature from 90˚C to 95˚C as well as an ECO sensor which saves 33% in electricity costs. 

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Product Type
Unit Type
  • Hot water booster button to raise the temperature from 90˚C to 95˚C (Limited quantity)
  • Manual, reliable push down taps 
  • ECO sensor turns the boiler off when the office lights are switched off. Saves up to 33% in electricity
  • 16 cm dispense height suitable to fill small bottles and cups
  • Removable drip tray with optional drain facility
  • Easily accessible for routine servicing
Available as
  • Hot and cold
  • Ambient and cold
  • Freestanding and table top
  • 3ltr or 10ltr overflow tank 
  • Pumped waste to pump the waste up to 150m & 3m high
  • Cowling to fix cooler securely to the wall
  • SIP sanitising technology
  • Freestanding
  • H 1165mm W 340mm D 340mm
  • Table top 
  • H 460mm W 340mm D 340mm

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the design and specification of goods without notice.