For catering establishments needing high quantities of hot water, this powerful, reliable model delivers some 28 litres (168 cups) in an hour and benefits from an energy saving half capacity ‘Eco’ mode and other high technology features.

This is part of a family of boilers that ALL offer increased capacity options. The other models are the CT4000, CT6000 and CT8000, which all feature twin taps for speedy delivery.

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Product Type
Unit Type
  • Early warning diagnostics system with LCD read out
  • Integral seven day programmable timer
  • Programmable filter change indicator
  • Energy saving Eco mode
  • Electronic temperature control programmable between 80 deg C – 98 deg C
  • Comprehensive diagnostics system
  • Choice of overflow positions to front and rear
  • Low voltage switching on all controls
  • Insulated for economy and safety
  • Five water level sensors
  • Minimal steam escape
  • Integral stainless steel drip tray
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Single tap
  • H 608mm W 260mm D 555mm (including drip tray)
Performance data
  • Heat up time: 35 minutes
  • After the initial draw off of 12 litres (72 cups) minimum hourly output of 28 litres (168 cups)
  • Power: 3kW